By Jeanne Michels and Phyllis Murphy

January 25 - February 16

Two sisters on the other side of 50,
who want to add a little fun, zest and excitement to their lives, celebrate
with a night out at Bingo.
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by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

March 22 - April 13

This comedy follows three cousins
as they throw a family reunion.
You'll wish your own family
reunion was this much fun!
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By Ira Levin

May 17 - June 8

A treasured community doctor reveals just how much he loves his perfect little town when questioned by a young visiting doctor.  All is revealed in a gripping climax!
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By Anthony Forsythe

July 12 - August 10

An old fashioned melodrama! Folks will revel in hissing the scoundrel and cheering the hero.
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By Ken Ludwig

October 11 - November 2

A whodunit set in December 1936.  Full of twists and turns, misdirection and misadventure.
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