By Anthony Forsythe

By Anthony Forsythe

When a beautiful young girl is found on the walk outside the Vandenburgh home, she is carried inside.  She is suffering from a complete loss of memory.  Identification in her purse reveals only that her name is Spring Overton.  The black hearted rogue, Talbot Twillingham, takes one glance at the chaste young heroine and decides that she will be chased as well.  He reckons without the presence of manly hero, Casper Vandenburgh.  When Spring repulses Talbot’s advances he shoots old Slyvester Vandenburgh and places the blame on Spring.  Talbot drugs Spring with a rare poison. Of course Spring is rescued in the nick of time by Casper.



Fri, Jul 12th: 8pm
Sat, Jul 13th: 8pm
Sun, Jul 14th: 2:30pm

Fri, Jul 19th: 8pm
Sat, Jul 20th: 2:30pm
Sat, Jul 20th: 8pm

Fri, Jul 26th: 8pm
Sat, Jul 27th: 8pm
Sun, Jul 28th: 2:30pm

Fri, Aug 2nd: 8pm
Sun, Aug 4th: 2:30pm

Fri, Aug 9th: 8pm
Sat, Aug 10th: 8pm

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