By Jeanne Michels and Phyllis Murphy

By Jeanne Michels and Phyllis Murphy

Where can two sisters on the other side of 50, who want to add a little zest, fun and excitement to their lives find it?  Bingo!

Sis and Babe are sisters and best friends.  They’ve been coming to play Bingo together for years because they love it.  Sis is a good loser who just loves to play.  Babe is a player who has always got to win.  Sis is content in her widowhood and Babe is still looking for love.  They compliment each other in ways only sisters can and they drive each other crazy in the same sisterly way.

On this particular night, Babe and Sis share something new.  They each confess a secret and find a kind of redemption.



Friday, January 25: 8pm
Saturday, January 26: 8pm
Sunday, January 27: 2:30pm (Matinee)

Friday, February 1: 8pm
Saturday, February 2: 8pm

Saturday, February 9: 8pm
Sunday, February 10: 2:30pm (Matinee)

Thursday, February 14: 8pm
Saturday, February 16: 8pm

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