Graphics 2020 2 Across r1

January 17 - February 2

Comedy by Jerry Mayer

Two middle-aged strangers, a man and a woman; both married, board an early morning train.
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[PG 14 - Mild Adult Theme]
[PG 14 - Mild Adult Theme]

March 13-15, April 24-26 & May 2-3

Comedy by Ken Ludwig

Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks and madcap delight.
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Graphics 2020 See How They Run

June 5 - 21

Comedy by Philip King

An unlikely cast of characters surprise a sedate Bishop with all the goings-on at the vicarage.
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Graphics 2020 The Face o t Barroom Floor

July 31 - August 23

Melodrama by
H. Antoine D'Arcy & Tim Kelly

The melodrama features zany action, classic vaudeville routines, and some really terrible jokes!
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Graphics 2020 Chapter Two

October 9 - 25

Comedy by Neil Simon

George starts dating again and finds Jennie. It's a bumpy trip to Dreamland for these lovers.
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